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Sometimes the shots that seem the simplest to do are actually the most complicated to pull off.  Angela requested to be transformed into a femme fatale awiting her detective in a vintage 1940s detective office.  But how do we create an old world detectives office?  There are none around to shoot (at least that we know of!) so there was only one thing to do.  Render a complete 3 dimensional set in 3DS Max.  Check out the process below!


Firstly we shot Angela in our studio against a bluescreen to get the cleanest possible mask of her for the composite to come.

The detectives office is prepared in 3DS Max.  Lighting is placed.  Virtual cameras are inserted to capture the scene (we ultimately got 5 whole independent images from this virtual set).

We pull a clay version of the set into photoshop to check that the composite will work as planned.

Finally the scene is rendered in VRAY, exported to photoshop where Angela is composited onto the edge of the desk and final colour work is done for that 40s noir/Sin City vibe.  We love this shot!